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Best Wallpaper Fixing Services in Dubai

Wallpaper Fixing Services in Dubai is not at all easy task to be done but we have been doing this for so long time that we have become experts in this field of fixing services. We also offer the best price available in the market and these prices are determined after analyzing the market. If you want to enjoy the Best Painting Service and good quality of work, then you can contact us at any given time. We will make sure our representative pays you a visit to understand your work requirement and quote a suitable price after assessing all the necessary requirements. You can call us at our given contact details to get a free estimate which will help you in deciding whether you should be calling us to fix your wallpapers or not.

Apart from providing services, our experts also teach you in fixing wallpapers all by yourself, however, if you are not confident enough that you will be able to pull it off, then it’s better you can contact us, we will visit your place and guide you to do it. Next time onwards, you can do it all by yourself once see how the procedure works. Here’s the procedure that we follow in order to fix all the wallpaper issues. It is quite simple to follow; however, it’s also complicated if you don’t follow the procedures correctly and don’t pay attention to details at any given point in time.

1.    Before Fixing the Wallpapers, we inspect the Walls of your House to Understand what Type of Wallpapers Will Suit the Walls

Don’t be subtractive when it comes to wallpaper. Your house’s wall may appear dull, and the wallpapers that you want to paste in the wall may be smooth, but without making a good amount of preparations if you try to paste it on the walls, then the whole process will fall out and the final outcome will not be promising.

The walls where you want to paste the wallpapers should be of good condition before you start preparing to paste the wallpapers in the wall. This means that you have to fill all the holes, pores, uneven cracks, etc. present on the walls to make sure that it’s even and smooth. Once you do this, you can paste the wallpapers in the walls and the final result will also appear to be good.

2.    Check the Paint’s Condition of the Wall

The important thing to check before fixing the wallpapers is the condition of the paints on the wall. If your wall is already painted, examine the current state of the paint. For example, if the paint is going to fade away in some days, then it is important for you to wait until the entire paint is washed away from the wall. You can test the paint in the wall in the following way to determine the condition of the wall:

You can hold a sponge that is damped against the wall where you want to fix the wallpaper for about 15 seconds in order to test the paint of the wall. Then wipe that area where you held the sponge with a clean cloth vigorously. If you see that a little paint is washed off from the wall, then it means that the paint in the wall is fine and you can fix the wallpapers on the wall, while if you see that huge quantities of paints have come out of the wall, then it means that condition of the paint in the walls are bad, and you cannot proceed to fix wallpapers in that area.

3.    Be Smooth when Fixing Wallpapers

Once you have determined the condition of the paint in the wall is perfect, and you can proceed to fix wallpapers in the wall, then you can paste the wallpapers smoothly on the walls. Walls that are painted with gloss should be first sanded to flat the surface. You have to be careful while you are doing this in order to make sure you don’t spoil the texture of the wall. For any new drywall, you can smoothly and the particles in the walls into smaller particles and wash it off later when you completely sand it. With the help of stain killers and primers, clean the wall and start pasting your wallpapers on the walls. We also Provide Wallpaper Removal Services.

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