Gypsum Work Service Dubai

Gypsum work is commonly used in interior designing of House, building, Offices etc. Gypsum is use in construction work. Gypsum is also created as a prefabricated unit like gypsum boards. Gypsum is also can be used as a surface materiel. Gypsum found in many forms from earth minerals. Gypsum also found in sand in some particular area.  It is obtained from mining from vast veins. There are many application of gypsum work in real life. Gypsum Work in Home looks beautiful.

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Gypsum Work Service Dubai

Gypsum Production:

The production of gypsum is through six steps and these steps are as follow:

  1. Excavation
  2. Crushing
  3. Grinding
  4. Calcination
  5. Cooling
  6. Packing

In excavation step, we gather the material through mining. Then we dip these material in seawater then these material is crushed into particles which approximately to 25mm and subjected to grinding.

Gypsum Work Bedroom

Gypsum work in bedroom makes room more beautiful. Plaster OF Paris is obtained through gypsum and Plaster of Paris is used in roof designing. Gypsum also used as a fire resistance in nature. Gypsum Work in Home demand is increasing day by day because of their several benefits. Gypsum also used in decoration of room. Plaster of Paris is used for wall and ceiling. Gypsum Plaster Board are also used as partitions in interior designing.

Gypsum Work Model

Gypsum work model is of many types. Some of them are as follow:

  1. White Board– White is the most common gypsum work model. It is very simple and easily available in market.
  2. Green Board Drywall– Green board drywall is a moisture resistant drywall. It is more expensive than white board. However, it is also easily available in market.
  3. Blue Board Drywall– Blue Board dry wall is also a type of Plater Paris. Blue Board drywall are mostly used in bathroom because absorb water more than White board and Green Board Drywall.
  4. Paperless Drywall– In Paperless Drywall, fiberglass is used instead of papers, which protects the gypsum and provide more resistant. Construction through paperless drywall is easier.
  5. Type X Drywall– Type X drywall is also called fire resistant drywall. It is very difficult to cut and work with. Type X drywall is created through fibers.
  6. Sound Proof Drywall– Sound Proof Drywall is made up of gypsum, fibers, plaster and wood. Soundproof drywall is much more than any regular drywall. These are very beneficial in musical room and also very beneficial in bedroom as well.

Gypsum Work Rate:

The Gypsum work rate in UAE is differ with quality. Its range start from 90 AED to 210 AED per square meter in UAE for home and offices. If you want to make 3-5 square meter then its price will be 1200 AED. People Prefer 7mm to 10mm gypsum ceiling tiles for designing. There are many gypsum ceiling brands are available in market. You have to choose according to your budget.

Gypsum Work Company In UAE

Our Dubai Painting Company also provide all of these facilities to peoples. We have well experienced expert’s staff of gypsum ceiling work. WE have high reputation in markets and our gypsum work rate is also much more less than other companies. We gave special discount to our clients. If you are interesting then you can contact us anytime, we are available 24/7. We can provide you some our gypsum work model pictures that we have previously done. We provide quality service to our clients to gain their 100 percent trust. Our staff is available for your help anytime if you want. Our client satisfaction is our first priority for that our worker works even more harder to fulfil clients needs.

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