Curtains, Blinds and Carpets Services Dubai


A curtain is a piece of cloth that is use as a cover for window. Curtain is used to absorb heat. Curtain is made up of fabrics. Curtain used for room decoration as well. Curtain also maintain the temperature inside the room. Curtains are of many types. Some curtains used for room decoration. Some curtains used for heat resistance. Some curtains used for light resistance. Some curtains used for maintaining temperature inside the room. Some curtains absorbs the voice as well.

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Curtains, Blinds and Carpets Services Dubai

Curtain Rod is used when curtain hang on wall or window. Curtain rods also used for room decoration and provide support to curtain. Now a day’s curtain rod are of many beautiful designs. Thus, curtain rods increase the beauty of curtain while they hung on the wall. Curtain Design is increasing day by day because their demand has increase massively.

Types of Curtains

  1. Sheer Curtains are very thick and we can see through them clearly. Thus sheer curtain do not provide any privacy at all.
  2. Blackout Curtains do not allow heat to enter into the room through them.
  3. Pinch Curtains add more beauty to the top of curtain. The main purpose of pinch curtain is to give formal beauty to complete the decorative purpose.
  4. Eyelet Curtains used for light resistance. These curtains are very easy hang on window or wall with help of curtain rods. These curtains commonly used in bedroom.
  5. Tab Top Curtains are similar to eyelet curtains and their purpose of use is similar.


Blinds are advance type of curtains. Both have many similarities in their applications. Now day’s blinds are replacing curtains in home, offices etc. Blinds are very easy to use.  Blinds are of many styles. Window Blinds are very easy to use as compared to curtain. Blind in Dubai are found in almost every home, office etc.

Types of Blinds

  1. Duplex Blinds: It is very clear from his name that duplex blind consists of double roller. One roller is for open and second roller is for close or blind.
  2. Vertical Blinds: Vertical Blinds are those, which are for only large windows and large door. These vertical Blinds are costly.
  3. Roller Blinds: Roller Blinds are specially design to fit any size of windows and doors. Roller Blinds are cheaper as compared to vertical blinds
  4. Plisse Blind: Plisse Blind uses two parts of clothes. You can change the clothe color according to your interior design. Plisse Blind is like a Roller Blind.
  5. Pleated Blind: Pleated Blind are very hard. They are made up of pleated fabric, which is hard. It is very to roll pleated blind.
  6. Venetian Blinds: Venetian Blinds are of two types. One venetian blind is made of wood and second venetian blind is made of Aluminum product.


Carpets are used for in several places like houses, hotels etc. In houses, carpets used in rooms, stairs, drawing room etc. Carpets makes looking of house more beautiful. In Hotel, carpets used in several places of hotels like hotels room, hotels stair, Auditorium etc. Carpets also used for various purpose. Carpets also used in Mosque and people Say Prayer on them.

If you want Carpet Online then you can contact us. We have every Type of Carpet like Carpet for Room, Carpet for Stair. We have very beautiful design of carpets in stock if you want. If you want to purchase online then we will deliver carpet to your resident. There are many Types of Carpets in Housekeeping. We can provide you these carpets on special discount. The quality of our Carpets are good. These will work for all most ten to fifteen years easily.

Types of Carpets

There are many types of carpets. Some of them are given below:

  1. Carpet Tiles
  2. Grey Carpet
  3. Nylon Carpet
  4. Polyester Carpet
  5. Wool Carpet

These are the types of carpets. All of them are different to each other. If you any of them you can contact us by sending email or you can you order it online.

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